This enemy

They’re coming to a town that has already been burnt down. They have heard of the war, but never tried to picture the battlefield. The devastation was beyond human comprehension, because in this war, the enemy was anything but human.

Flesh and bone are weak. Too easily destroyed. This villain goes further. This villain, smoother than a shadow, goes after you.

Like a lover who teases you slowly, getting closer to your lips, entranced on your eyes, waiting for you to melt in their arms, completely giving in until the last second, when they suddenly pull away without a word, nor a second glance. That feeling of despair is what it’s after.

This enemy will keep your body on the edge of life and death, but won’t let you push it all the way to either side.

Your lungs keep breathing. Your heart keeps pumping. Your brain keeps thinking. But everything is different now. Your life seems like somebody else’s now. This enemy has te power to alienate you from yourself until all you are is raw meat for it to feast on.

But there is one tiny section of you that’s gone roge against the attacker. This is the one that can and will finally safe you from its dreadful grip. And you will let it. And you will get yourself back.

After all that time you’ve spent not feeling, when you start again it is so deliciously intense that you become afraid. But don’t. Because you’ve already feared for too long. Now it is time to smile. Genuinely. Or cry. Or laugh. Or experience again all those wonderful contradictory human feelings you were deprived of for so lond. And hold on to them, for this enemy will now be stalking you forever; waiting for you to slip into its grasp once again.

This enemy will be the toughest one you’ll ever find, for this enemy lives within yourself.


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